Dry Creek Ranch House Museum

Dear Museum Guest,

My name is Nicole Brogdon. I am the Museum Chair of the Dry Creek Ranch House Museum and Board Member. My current goals for enhancing the Dry Creek Ranch House Museum are to:

  1. Create signs for the items on display;
  2. Re-stain the main stairway and banister;
  3. Install solar shades on the widows to help preserve the artifacts;
  4. Set up a cleaning closet upstairs;
  5. Finish the small upstairs room and turn it into a functioning exhibit room;
  6. Add new exhibit items within the existing exhibit areas; and,
  7. Fix any minor items as needed.

You can help me to accomplish these goals by:

  1. Giving your time, service, and/or other types of assistance;
  2. Donating any items on my wish list (see other side of this letter); and,
  3. Supporting the RLEHS through your membership and participation in

RLEHS activities and events.

If you want to volunteer, make a donation, or receive of tour of the museum you may contact me at rlehsmuseum@gmail.com. To learn more about Rio Linda Elverta Historical Society, please contact Joyce Buckland at (916) 332-4359.

Nicole Brogdon
Museum Chair